Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Little Kicks and Pirouettes

Life is full of dances. Rather, life is a dance - one big musical in which we are all performers, all dancers and actors, and all contributing to the development of the plot. There are individual performances, couple's dances, and group routines - the moment determining the steps.

The events of our lives are our orchestra, filling the world with music. The air is shaking with the sounds of chaotic schedules, stressful workdays, relaxing vacations, invigorating friendships, and quiet moments watching the sun rise.

On the stage of life we flit and float and sachet to the rhythm of the moment. Whether it is a dance of exhaustion, excitement, frustration, embarassment, pleasure, hunger, desire, grief, or anxiety there is a set of box-steps and jazz hands to complement every moment of life.

There are performances we put on that make life amusing (polka would be an apt metaphor), entertaining (think 'N Sync's "Bye Bye Bye" routine), awe-inspiring (break-dancers who defy gravity) and inspirational (who doesn't want to take ballroom dancing lessons after watching "Dancing with the Stars"?).

The question is what kind of dancer am I?

Do I move in reaction to the music of life?

Sadly, I think I often do. I hear something offensive, and I react. I see something annoying, and I react. I feel frustrated, and I do some "little kicks". I find something that makes me happy, and out pop the thumbs. My movements are often unrehearsed, unrefined, and unappealing, leaving everyone (except for maybe myself) embarassed for the way I conduct myself. I go through life having a long strand of what appear to be "full body dry heaves".

Instead of reacting to the music in my life, I could let that music move me.

Her movements are intentional, her posture is elegant, and her dance is nothing short of beautiful.

Both women enjoy dancing, but sometimes the apparent seizures would distract you from ever knowing that. Both hear the music, both move to the rhythm, both show their emotions, but only one leaves you wanting to see more.

As I make my way through this performance of my life I am given every opportunity to refine my steps, to practice my movements, to improve the way I tell my part of the story.

Life is a stage. I am a performer. The world is making music. Am I letting it move me, or am I merely reacting to it...little kicks and all?