Sunday, December 18, 2005

A prayer for Hope

Today in church we were told that a young couple in the congregation had lost their baby this week, 7 months into the pregnancy. I can't even begin to fathom the pain in a parent's heart when their child dies.

"a prayer for Hope"
No life inside, no comfort out
Shattered, fragile hearts break
Trembling, dry voices shake
Broken. Our biggest mistake:
Resting our knees on you, not doubt.

Holding to hope, we let go of truth
Life, nothing is sound
Tears, never not found
Joy, “may it abound”
We signed with blood to unseen proof.

Like a “burglar, banker, Father”
Our hearts, pierced through,
strangled, removed.
Now our Hope rests in you,
Please hold her like you love her.

Sunday, December 04, 2005


Because God has been teaching me so much, and I've been learning so much, and I've been dreaming big dreams, but I sit, and I wait for tomorrow, hoping it'll never really come.

In the shade of my own tree,
I will fight the good fight
while I lie here a while
with the fruit of my branches
to keep me company.

I will stay here (under my tree)
and watch the river flow
and watch the trees grow
and watch the people go
find trees of their own.

Because my tree is mine
and I am mine
and my fruit is yours
(while my fruit's really mine)

So we'll stay here,
my brother Jonah and I,
and watch.

when there is shade and despair,
watching is what we do best.